Nicki Minaj Under Fire Over Westminster Bridge In Music Video

The 34-year-old is seen singing and dancing at the site of the recent terror attack

The Nicki Minaj music video.
The Nicki Minaj video The offending image. Image Nicki Minaj/VEVO

Nicki Minaj has courted controversy with the video for her latest single, No Frauds, which sees the singer singing and dancing on Westminster Bridge.

The 34-year-old filmed the clip on location in London a couple of weeks before the bridge became the sight of the latest London terror attack.

It had been thought that the scenes of Minaj, in costume, next to the bridge would be cut in the wake of the incident.

However, the resulting video still features the bridge, alongside Big Ben, in several key shots.

Rappers Drake and Lil Wayne also feature in the clip, which has generated plenty in the way of reaction from fans on Twitter.

Despite the furore that has greeted the clip, Minaj has never actually publicly commented on whether the scenes would be edited out or not.

Nicki Minaj near Westminster bridge
It was thought that the shots would be edited out But they remain in place Image VEVO

It’s worth noting that Minaj took to Twitter in the wake of the attack on March 22 to offer the following words of condolence:

“May God protect everyone in London. Hate hearing this sad news. Sending my condolences to the victims’ families.”

Five people were killed and dozens were injured in the attack carried out by 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

Minaj has yet to comment on the new controversy.

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