Watch an NHL player brutally injure his own teammate in pre-season training

That's got to hurt...

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Would you do this to a teammate? This hefty challenge proves why NHL is the most brutal sport around Image Magnolia Pictures

Ice hockey can be a pretty brutal game at the best of times – fans consider fighting to be an essential part of the sport after all.

A good old-fashioned punch up is normally seen as a good thing. But when players start beating up their own teammates? Not so much…

Fans attending Ottawa Senators’ pre-season training session on Sunday (September 25) were shocked to see new signing Patrick Sieloff injure a teammate with a very heavy challenge.

Patrick smashed star-man Clarke MacArthur into the boards, which is no way to endear yourself to your new team.

Defenceman Patrick elbowed Clarke into the barriers surrounding the rink during the session, which resulted in a nasty blow to the head.

Unhappy with the challenge, teammate Bobby Ryan chased him, before fighting the 22-year-old in the centre of the rink.

The tackle is pretty unforgivable, especially when considering that Clarke spent much of last season out after suffering a concussion.

With the NHL season just 16 days away, fans will be hoping Sieloff doesn’t wipe anyone else out during pre-season.

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