Neymar Fouls Child In 5-A-Side Game After Getting Tackled

The only surprise is that the Brazilian didn't fall down and roll over five times.

Neymar in action for Brazil.
Neymar. The shame of the 2014 World Cup. Image Getty

Neymar was left looking rather silly once again after he was filmed committing a dirty tackle on a budding footballer who had the temerity to tackle the Brazilian.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward was left looking rather silly after the incident, which occurred during a 5-a-side tournament played in Santos, Brazil.

The Neymar Fives was set up to raise money for charity while providing a boost to the sizeable ego of the Selecao star.

Things seemed to be going okay for Neymar at first in the footage, posted to Twitter, as he attempted to get past a budding soccer star with a bit of quick-footed trickery.

Unfortunately for the Brazil captain, his young opponent was wise to his wizardry and quickly dispossessed Neymar with a fine tackle before attempting to launch a counter-attack.

Neymar was having none of it though and quickly set about to make amends with a cynical and totally illegal shoulder barge.


His opponent, to his credit, didn’t take the foul lying down either, appealing to the referee to stop the game.

The match official duly obliged, leaving Neymar looking even more embarrassed.

Though the Brazilian tried to laugh the incident off with a wry smile, he was clearly far from happy at being shown up in an event set up in his honour.

It made a nice change, at least, to see Neymar dish out a foul, having spent much of the World Cup being felled by a variety of challenges from opponents old and young.

The fact that Neymar was the aggressor also ensured the watching fans didn’t have to suffer through five minutes of the former Barcelona man writhing around on the ground.

But despite committing the foul himself, the Brazil talisman who was the one who ended up getting injured – his ego took one hell of a battering!

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