Rio Bar Offering Free Round Of Shots For Every Time Neymar Dives

That could end up being a lot shots...

Neymar goes to ground. Again. Image Getty

Neymar has cut a frustrating figure at the World Cup thus far, with the Brazilian’s propensity for falling under the most minimal of contact earning him few fans.

It’s a proven a frustrating situation for Selecao supporters, many of whom have grown weary of the striker’s habit of going to ground rather than going for goal.

An argument could be made that Neymar is feeling a little more sensitive to this sort of contact following a lengthy injury lay-off.

However, that argument doesn’t really explain incidents like the one that saw Neymar attempt to claim a penalty against Costa Rica after minimal contact from the opposition defender.

At best, he’s being a petulant prima donna, and, at worst, you could just describe it as plain old cheating.

But one bar in Rio is looking to turn some of those jeers into cheers with a special offer set to made available during Brazil’s crunch group stage clash with Serbia.

Brazil still need a win to be guaranteed of qualification and with Neymar set to start, the Sir Walter Pub has made a promise that is either an inspired marketing coup or something that could end up costing them dearly.

For every instance in which Neymar goes to ground in dubious circumstances, the bar will be offering a free round of shots to their patrons.

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Posted by Sir. Walter Pub on Sunday, 24 June 2018

So even if Brazil do fall at the final hurdle, with Neymar failing to inspire a win and falling a little too frequently for the ref’s liking, most fans watching at the Sir Walter Pub will probably be too drunk to notice.

The bar’s owners will be hoping he doesn’t do it too much though – otherwise they could be going out of business within 90 minutes of kick-off.

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