Newlywed Man Receives Death Threats After Taking His Wife’s Surname

The story turned into international news – then something very sinister started happening.

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When Aussie bloke Grant Phillips took to Facebook to announce he had decided to take his wife’s name after getting married, he probably never expected that the story would attract worldwide attention.

Most people probably thought it was quite sweet that Phillips would be continuing his wife’s family lineage, which would have otherwise died out. A fair few probably just shrugged at the news and carried on with their day. It is 2018, after all.

Grant, for his part, was left surprised at the worldwide reaction to the news, which saw the story covered across the globe.

Wedding Crashers

It all seemed harmless enough, but then something kind of weird started happening: Grant started getting death threats.

“Go kill yourself,” one man wrote to Phillips. “I hope you and your whore die in a car crash so that your genes don’t continue,” another read. “I hope your wife can’t have kids, that’ll be god’s way of punishing you,” a third message stated.

Quite where all the vitriol stems from is unclear. It might be the work of religious fanatics, angry at the idea of someone flouting the sanctity of marriage. Then again, it might just be some drunk “bros” who have been left feeling threatened by the whole thing.

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In any case, it’s clearly completely over the top and something borne out of ignorance. Why should it even matter if a guy decides to take his wife’s name? Or any name he wants for that matter? Would they care this much if he had got married under the name Grant Xbox One?

Grant is evidently just as shocked by the uproar too.

“I was completely taken by surprise that in 2017, this was something that was making noise,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

In this day and age, it’s a depressing reminder that, while much of society has evolved and moved on to reflect the times we live in, there’s still a lot of people very much stuck in the past.

Death threats. Because of his choice of surname. Bloody ridiculous.

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