New Study Finds That Women Are More Likely To Climax If A Man Is Rich And Good Looking

The O Factor

Climax Albert Pocej photographed orgasming women in the name of art. Image Albert Pocej

A new study has found that surprise, surprise women are more likely to orgasm if a man possesses three specific qualities: money, looks and confidence. Researchers at the University of Albany published these findings in the PubMed journal. 

In order to reach this conclusion they questioned women in heterosexual relationships about their happy endings. 

The current study represents a preliminary investigation of the extent to which female orgasm functions to promote good mate choices.”

They found that the women were more likely to climax based on their sexual attraction to their partner and the intensity of feeling was directly correlated with the breadth of his shoulders. That’s right, shoulders. Time to invest in those shoulder pads gents.

The frequency of intercourse has something to do with a man’s psychological traits like “motivation, intelligence, focus, and determination.” If a dude has these characteristics in spades well then he’s a virtual panty dropper.

Sense of humour was also found to be important in sex having, as in if a man is considered funny enough along with having a rich family, he is more likely to get it on the regular.

A few fun facts about the female orgasm: the clitoris has 5000 nerve endings, a woman can orgasm from just kissing alone and orgasms actually originate in the brain’s pleasure centre.

The more you know.

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