A New Study Explores Why We Crave Kebabs After A Boozer

The poor lab mice were afforded what amounts to a wild night out's worth of vino

Chrissy Teigen and chips Image LOVE Magazine

According to a recent study conducted at The Francis Crick Insitute Mil Hill Laboratory in London, when mice are drunk, they also want pizza.

Researchers wanted to know why humans crave fattening and greasy food after a night of drinking, so they got a group of mice pissed by injecting the human equivalent of two bottles of wine into their stomachs and recorded the brain activity.

They found that the mice were more ravenous after drinking despite having already eaten before the experiment – figures.



Biologically our body is constructed to tell us when we’re hungry, we think it starts in the stomach, but the impetus to eat begins in the brain.

“Brain cells located in the hypothalamus called agouti-related protein (AgRP) neurons play a key role in controlling hunger,” reported the Scientific American.

Previously, scientists tested this theory on another group of poor rodents, by activating this specific neuron and subsequently witnessing an immediate insatiable hunger coming over the mice.

However, when booze is involved, it gets weird. The researchers found that when alcohol intermixed with brain cells, calcium levels increased – which caused those AgRP neurons to go haywire.


Mapping AgRP neurons in a human brain Image Wikimedia Commons


Is it the same for humans?

“I don’t doubt that AgRP neurons are activated in humans,” study co-author Sarah Cains said, “and that’s why you see this effect.”

Interestingly, Munchies delved into a study that looked into why food tastes so damn good when you’re three sheets to the wind. This time they gathered a group of drunk women and put them through an MRI scan. The conclusion?

“The hypothalamus, which controls metabolism, was more responsive to the food smells after the women were intravenously dosed with booze.”

So next time you throw down a kebab in five seconds after one too many – it’s because your brain is going through it. Ease up on the vino.

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