New Monopoly Features Real House Prices And It’ll Make You Mad As Hell

The new board just proves how INSANE living costs are in the capital.

MonopolyImage Hasbro

Monopoly has made some drastic changes of late, and they’ve managed to piss just about everyone off in the process.

Makers of the game, Hasbro recently angered fans of the classic game after dropping the much-loved Thimble from the classic version of the game. If that pissed you off though, heaven knows what you’ll do after seeing this…

London Fox lettings has created a brand new version of the game – called ‘Londonopoly’ – which reflects the cost of living and property in different areas of London.

As you’d expect, the prices are preposterous. Sitting right at the end of the board, Mayfair costs £650 a week to rent, and £2,546,363 to buy – a slight increase on the £400 featured in the classic game.

Take a look at the new board in all its horrifying glory below:

Cheapest property Old Kent Road isn’t exactly affordable either, costing an eye-watering £741,892 to buy.

Of course, we already know London is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, but it’s actually pretty grim seeing the cost of living laid bare like this. 

It’s certainly a damning indictment on property prices in the capital, and it’s understandably getting a lot of people angry – loaded might just stick to the classic version next time we play.

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