New Footage “Proves” The Apollo 10 Moon Mission Was Fake

We don't want to believe.

Image Nasa/Getty Images

Moon landings have always been something hard to believe. For some reason, we refuse to accept that astronauts have really walked on the moon, and any tiny bit of new evidence is enough to make us board the conspiracy train like it’s the end of the world.

The latest development is a YouTube video that, according to the uploader, shows footage taken straight from the NASA archives, which proves the Apollo 10 mission, otherwise known as Apollo 11’s “dress rehearsal,” was nothing but a hoax.

No moon, no space, no landings Image Nasa/Getty Images

The footage is allegedly an unedited version of the original NASA video, and it shows the astronauts filming the moon with what looks like the reflection of the astronauts in the glass.

According to the uploader, Enigma Digest, the video gives irrefutable evidence that the mission was completely fake as, for example, the astronauts seem to be moving in what looks like a gravity-filled environment. An astronaut can be seen just walking as he would do on Earth. As enigmadigest states in the description, “the astronaut alternates between seated and standing again, the American flag on his suit is visible, and you can even see his face for a second as he comes in close to adjust something.”

Was everything a lie? Image Keystone/Getty Images

Needless to say, if NASA comes forward to talk about this video, they will deny everything, as they always have. So next time we find another video claiming the moon landing were staged, don’t rush to your phone to call the NASA headquarters, because they probably won’t pick up the phone.

Watch the alleged NASA footage below:

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