New FIFA boss – but don’t expect the Qatar World Cup to move

Bookies give very short odds on Gianni Infantino seeing sense on World Cup 2022.

New FIFA president Gianni Infantino
Same old same old New FIFA president Gianni Infantino, about to say something stupid.

With disgraced UEFA chief Michel Platini’s right-hand man Gianni Infantino being named the new Preisdent of FIFA, will the corrupt cockpuffins who run football have second thoughts about hosting the World Cup in a country where it’s too hot to run?

Not according to bookmakers, who are confident the World Cup will still go ahead in Qatar in 2022.

Despite temperatures of 52C in summer in the Middle East land with precisely zero past interest in football, William Hill have given odds of just 1/10 on that the World Cup will still take place in Qatar.

Swiss exec Infantino beat a Jordanian prince and a Bahrain sheikh accused of human rights abuse to emerge as FIFA’s lesser of three evils.

His opening remarks as President were that people “should be proud of FIFA and proud of what we will do together”, which is straight out of the sentiments of FIFA’s previous chairman and crook, Sepp Blatter.

The World Cup trophy

William Hill also give odds of 11/2 that Qatar will be booted out as World Cup hosts. The oil rich, decency poor fiefdom has overseen the deaths of an estimated 1,200 workers involved in building stadiums to host the competition.

Meanwhile, the bookmaker is even more certain that the far more liberal Russia will still host the 2018 World Cup, with an exceptionally stingy 1/20 on that cuddly President Putin will be allowed to host the final.

William Hill give odds of 8/1 that the Russian World Cup will be moved, which should be generous given Putin’s records on human rights. But as this is FIFA, save your money.

General Secretary at UEFA since 2009, 45-year-old Infantino was seen as the safe pair of hands once it became clear Platini was yet another in FIFA’s long line of arseholes.

The FA backed Infantino for President but, as outgoing buffoon Greg Dyke had previously backed Platini, that’s no cause for celebration.

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