This New App Will Scan Texts To Find Out If Someone Really Likes You

Crushh could help you find the one a lot quicker

Say goodbye to the days of fretting over a text... Image pixabay

We’ve all been there, trying to decode text messages from a crush or significant other like their ancient hieroglyphics but now there’s an app to help you find out.

Crushh is an “algorithm-driven app that reads your text messages and can interpret how much the other person likes you.”

While this might sounds intrusive, app creator Es Lee, says people are analysing texts like crazy anyway. “[Crushh] puts hard data to things we may already feel, which makes the how-do-you-feel-about-me conversation more broachable,” he told The Guardian.


So how does it work? The app scans your SMS texts taking into account demographic trends (middle aged men don’t use emojis), responsiveness, sentiment and text frequency, once the date is collected, the app gives a score out of five.

The closer to five you get, the more the other person likes you.

The app also offers a bar chart for a more visual indication of your interest in each other. It looks at ‘engagement’ and ‘interest’ by paying attention to emojis, sentiment, the frequency of texts and how fast they get back to you.

Eventually, Lee hopes to extend the solely diagnostic aspect of the technology to something more well-rounded, like offering relationship advice based on a sociological analysis.

Right now the app is only available on Androids and is only usable with SMS, but Lee hopes to widen the reach. We need this app in our lives. It debuts on April 29.

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