Netflix’s Hot Girls Wanted Faces Backlash From Adult Movie Industry

Porn stars who appeared in the Rashida Jones-produced series are NOT happy.

Porn documentary coming to Netflix
Porn documentary Hot Girls Wanted Image Netflix

Netflix’s documentary series Hot Girls Wanted is facing a backlash from members of the adult movie industry.

While stand-alone 2015 documentary Hot Girls Wanted was well received by fans and critics alike, new episodes of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, haven’t experienced such a positive reception.

The Rashida Jones-produced series has been criticised by adult film stars, and people who actually featured in the series, for publishing ‘untruths’ about the industry and failing to depict performers in their true light.

Webcam performers Effy Elizabeth and Autumn Kayy, who actually featured in the sixth episode of the show, have hit out at the show on Twitter, claiming that they were not properly consulted about the content that would be included in the series.

Effy and Autumn claim that footage from their feed was used without their permission, and later hit back at producers after they dismissed their complaints.

Another porn star named Gia Paige also hit out at the show after they allegedly refused to remove footage of her from the show on her request.

They aren’t the only adult movie stars that have hit out at the show. Speaking to The Daily Best, adult performer Carmen Valentina also claimed that the series does not paint an accurate picture of the industry.

Carmen claimed that the series spent too long focusing on one girl who “was causing trouble, getting drunk and high”, and it failed to show the truth about performer’s daily routines.

hot girls wanted
A scene from hot Girls Wanted: Turned On/Netflix Image Netflix

Adult talent agent John Stevens also spoke to the publication to say that producers on Hot Girls Wanted misrepresented themselves in order to get closer to him and some of the performers.

“I’d never have gotten involved in this project had I known it was part of Hot Girls Wanted. I specifically asked them if they were part of Hot Girls Wanted and they flat out said no.”

So, while Hot Girls Wanted impressed back in 2015 with its refreshingly honest look at the adult movie industry, the full series has yet to convince a lot of people.

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