The ‘Netflix Vista’ Black Mirror Trailer Will Leave You Questioning Your Viewing Habits

Ever think you overdo it on the streaming service? Well this is what the future could hold…

Netflix Image Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Fans of Black Mirror will be more than familiar with the portents of doom the show often focuses on when it comes to the future and our increasingly technologically-focused world.

However, even by the gloomy standards of the Charlie Brooker series, the latest trailer just released in the wake of a new raft of episodes on Netflix makes for grim viewing.

Less a trailer for the six-episode batch of one-off dystopian stories, the clip focuses instead on the arrival of a new and entirely fictional service, dubbed Netflix Vista.

Essentially beaming your favourite Netflix series directly into your eyes, via some sort of hi-tech contact lens, the two-minute preview offers up a startling vision of the future where we, as a people, have seemingly ceased all human interaction in favour of Breaking Bad binge sessions.

Do we all spend too much time watch movies and TV shows rather than enjoying the world around us? That certainly appears to be the message Brooker and, strangely, Netflix are pushing in the new promo.

Are things likely to change any time soon as a result of this episode? Perhaps not, but Brooker does tend to get these things spot on – who could forget the episode concerning a Prime Minister having sex with a pig!

Just kidding, we all know those real-life allegations were a load of rubbish, right?


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