Londoners Are All Following This One Netflix Trend

Turns out Londoners need to lighten up...

The Crown
Are Londoners too serious? Image Netflix

Netflix has just released the viewing habits of the UK, and it looks like London is a city of serious folk.

According to the data collected, Londoners are hooked on the drama with ‘The Crown’ and ‘House of Cards’ ranking at the very top of their viewing lists. [via timeout]

The data also reveals the binge-watching habits of Britons throughout the regions. The Scots and Welsh enjoy a comedy like Still Game while the North-East loves a scary series like American Horror Story, on the other end in the North-West, reality shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Hell’s Kitchen are wildly popular.

house of cards
Image Netflix

Viewers in Northern Ireland enjoy dramas over any other genre, tuning into shows such as Suits, Sons of Anarchy and The Good Wife.

Apparently, Netflix wasn’t that popular in the UK until Walter White hit our shores, chief content officer Ted Sarandos said, “Breaking Bad was a breaking point for Netflix in the UK when we started premiering new episodes.

It accelerated our business and became the way they identified with us. They didn’t need to know how Netflix worked; they just wanted to see Breaking Bad. So it was exciting for us to do that and then premiere Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad’s spin-off show).”

Breaking Bad
Image Netflix

Sarandon is also pleased with what Netflix has done with Channel 4 favourite Black Mirror, which has become a global phenomenon since moving to the streaming giant.

“Charlie Brooker is a real genius, and we were able to give him a bigger canvas to work on, to make Black Mirror into what it has become, which is a real global sensation, he said during an interview with the Press Association.

Lighten up London. 

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