Netflix for video games launches and it’s an absolute bargain

Utomik is about to revolutionise gaming.

Utomik is Netflix for video games
Utomik The service that'll be Netflix for video games. Image Picture Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

A new serviced dubbed “Netflix for video games” is about to launch, bringing more than 100 titles straight to your living room.

Utomik has opened a beta test for its game streaming service with an opening offer that’s an absolute bargain. Users will get a free two-week trial before upping to a £4.49 monthly subscription charge.

A Silicon Valley startup, Utomik is Windows PC only at this stage but boasts a library with 145 video games and deals for around 500 in total. New titles, from AAA-rated best-sellers to indies and old classics, will be released week-by-week.

Launch games include role-player Darksiders, hack-and-slasher Titan Quest Gold and WWII epic Men Of War: Assault Squad.

Utomik has figured out a way to get you gaming quickly thanks to a 1-click play system. There’s no streaming woes or lagging delays, either. That’s because Utomik downloads a small portion of the game first, lets you start playing, then loads up the rest in the background while you play.

“Gaming just became as accessible as TV shows, movies and music.”

The £4.49 you fork out will also keep the streaming service service 100% ad free – no annoying pop-ups or intrusive in-game banners to ruin the experience.

16,000 gamers signed up for Utomik’s closed beta test from last year, with 77% saying they’d recommend the service, reports VentureBeat.

Utomik is the latest in a long line of “Netflix for games” services after OnLive, PlayStation Now and Nvidia.

Steam is currently the gaming industry’s most successful digital distribution platform, but games are have to purchased on a title-by-title basis. Further games, such as Darkfall Unholy Wars, are available through a separate subscription service.

Utomik CEO Doki Tops revealed that he wants the company to make games “as accessible as TV shows, movies and music”.

“Our open beta period marks the start of an exciting new phase in Utomik’s journey to ‘Unleash Gaming’,” he said.

“We are providing the remaining piece of the puzzle to people’s on-demand entertainment needs by adding gaming to create the full spectrum of amusement for all. Gamers can now join the movement and play any game they like for as long as they want…”

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