Netflix And Chill Could Be Ruining Your Sperm Count

If this doesn't make you question your Stranger Things addiction, nothing will.

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There are few better ways of spending a weekend that lying in front of Netflix with a takeaway, but new sexual health research might be about to change all that…

According a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, spending excessive amounts of time binge-watching TV can seriously reduce sperm counts in men.

1,200 young men took part in the study, which found that men who watch over 5 hours of TV a day had on average a 29% lower sperm concentration.

How does television have such a big impact on sperm count? It’s all down to how much we move around. Being inactive for long periods of time increases temperature in the scrotum, which can have a pretty terrible effect.

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The study reads: “Time spent watching television, but not time sitting in front of a computer, was associated with lower sperm counts.

“Furthermore, decreases in testosterone were detected in men watching many hours of television.”

So, the next time you get stuck into Stranger Things, or manage to get through an entire series of House Of Cards in one day, you might want to think about the damage it’s doing to your sexual health.

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