Netflix Is Sexist, According To A New Study

A shockingly low percentage of their films are directed by women.

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Everyday sexism is everywhere – in the workplace, on the high street, and even during Netflix and chill…

A new study has been conducted which analyses the sexism evident on streaming giant Netflix, and the results are pretty shocking.

According to data obtained by Sweden’s Stockholm Feminist Film Festival, an incredible 96 percent of the movies on Netflix are directed by men [via The Local].

The study also discovered that only 1.5 percent of Netflix’s films included both a female director and female lead character, which is pretty embarrassing.

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It’s not just films either. 85% of the TV shows released on the platform in 2016 also had male directors.

Stockholm Feminist Film Festival head Stephanie Thögersen released a statement, saying: “Netflix is the world’s biggest platform for films and TV shows. That the offering is so enormously unbalanced is a serious thing. If Netflix wants to contribute to gender equality, it’s high time they take in films by women.”

The study also found that only 10% of Swedish movies in 2016 were directed by women: Of course, the study highlights the sexism evident in the film industry as a whole too, rather than just Netflix, but it’s revealing nonetheless.  

Come on guys, time to up your game.

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