This clever Netflix hack could save you serious time in the long run

The days of wasting countless hours on Netflix may be over. Well, kind of.

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Ba-dum The thing you see before your next binge. Image Picture Netflix

The way you Netflix binge could be about to change forever after an innovative blogger uncovered a way of maximising the time spent using the streaming service.

First put together by life hack blog Efficiency is Everything, this particular shortcut only requires Google Chrome and Netflix but could see you save around six minutes for every hour you use the streaming service.

The trick is to set playback time to a speed of around 1.1 or 1.2x. While it will be a tiny bit pacier than normal viewing, it won’t be enough to create a jarring feeling of a show being fast-forwarded and it will save you some serious time.

The blog offers up the following instructions:

1.) Chrome: Download a plugin that can control the speed. I used Video Speed Controller.

2.) Open up chrome://plugins/

3.) Disable Adobe Flash Player (This will enable HTML5 Video)

4.) Start Netflix, Pick a show and hit play.

5.) Tap D and save time now.

Now, that may not seem like much but it all adds up – say you watch 10 one-hour episodes of your favourite show? Using this method, you’ll save a whole hour of time.

Think what you could do with that extra hour! Yeah, that’s right, you could totally watch something else. Well, what else were you going to do? Exactly.

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