The Netflix Email Phishing Scam You Need To Watch Out For

Your love of Stranger Things and Bojak Horseman could come back to bite you.

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Netflix The streaming giant Image Getty Images

Netflix users are being warned to stay vigilant after an email phishing scam targeting users of the streaming service was uncovered.

Fans of all things House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black are being urged by anti-virus website Eset to be careful when opening any emails claiming to be from Netflix.

Entitled ‘Netflix Cancellation’ this phishing scam appears legitimate enough, appearing to come directly from the Netflix helpdesk.

“We’re sorry to say goodbye,” the message reads, alongside a date when the recipients Netflix account will be “cancelled.”

“If you’ve changed your mind and would like to continue, simply click here,” the email continues, with a link provided to help fans sort the problem.

The Netflix phishing email scam.
The Netflix scam Would you trust this email? Image Eset

What some may not realise, however, is that the link actually takes users to a phishing website where they will be asked to provide sensitive personal information like credit card numbers.

The scam is the second to hit the streaming service in the past year, with another Netflix phishing email doing the rounds back in April.

It follows on a from a similar con involving emails purporting to be from PayPal and serves as a further reminder of the need to take nothing at face value online.

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