Did Netflix Ditch Its Star Ratings System Because Of Amy Schumer?

The streaming service has switched to a thumbs-up, thumbs-down format

Amy SchumerImage Picture Simon & Schuster

Netflix users are waking up to an entirely different ratings system after the streaming giant swapped out its standard five stars in favour of a thumbs-up, thumbs-down approach.

Under the new plans, each title on Netflix will be accompanied by a personalised percentage “match score” which is a prediction of what the service reckons you might enjoy watching next.

It’s based on an algorithm that analyses individual viewer habits rather than overall popularity – but do we have Amy Schumer to thank for all this?

When the comedian’s latest Netflix show, The Leather Special, arrived on the platform last month, it attracted a high number of one-star reviews.

There may have been a sinister reason to this though, with Schumer later speculating that online alt right trolls had been behind the surge in one-star ratings.

Amy Schumer got more balls after she was stalked
The Schumerst go on Despite spotting a crazed fan in the audience Schumer continued with a stand-up gig. Image Pictures Scott Legato/Getty Images

In any case, there was some suggestion that the move prompted Netflix to rethink its approach to rating titles. So was Schumer behind it all? No.

According to Netflix, the change will ensure more accurate recommendations simply because the new system encourages more users to rate titles.

The Alt-Right could well have been behind the Schumer rating fiasco but, while the new system wasn’t created in reaction to it (work had been ongoing for several months) it could ensure it never happens again, by encouraging more users to rate titles.

Testing showed that, compared to the standard five-star system, Netflix reported a 200% increase in the numbers of users rating titles on the platform.

And more ratings mean a more accurate picture of what rocks and what sucks on Netflix.

Schumer may not have been behind the decision but it could be one she benefits from in a big way.

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