Watch: Can A NERF Dart Go Faster Than The Speed Of Sound?

A hit from that would definitely smart...

Nerf Gun
Could Nerf become lethal? Image YouTube/ Nerf War

A hit from a Nerf gun dart can sting like a mother, but what if it was going twice the speed of sound? That would be lethal, right?

Well, a YouTuber by the name of Giaco Whatever recently posted a video busting that particular myth.

Can these foamed-based darts do any real damage when blasted out of a man-made cannon? When they are fired at MACH 2.3 they can.

The YouTuber is known for his experiments with Nerf toys. For this one, he used a high-speed camera to record the dart’s speed as it went straight through a cardboard box and a Red Bull can. Usually, a Nerf dart goes at about 35mph.


The cannon was made using metal, PVC pipes and repurposed old oxygen tank. Naturally, the dart was split in half by the impact but not before it inflicted some serious damage.

In the past, Nerf guns have come under scrutiny for causing injury to kids, including partially blinding a young boy in New Zealand. We’re sure with a cannon like this one, death by Nerf dart is a definite possibility. Here’s hoping no one tries to imitate it.


Giaco Whatever has also created a Star Wars lightsaber out of one of his house keys, a notebook out of sandpaper and a duct tape wallet – safe to say the guy is not bad with his hands.

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