Neighbours Star Goes Viral After Filming Herself Looking At Naked Selfies

Caitlin Stasey once courted controversy by supporting the “Free the Nipple” campaign.

Caitlin Stasey Image Getty

Former Neighbours star Caitlin Stasey has a complicated relationship with Instagram.

The one-time soap actress previously grabbed the headlines after endorsing the “Free the Nipple” campaign, which called on the social media platform to do away with the rules concerning female nudity.

Stasey then followed that up with a series of way-too-close pictures of her pubic region, which was pretty weird.

Her latest round of antics online will take some beating though.

Keen to show, once again, that she does not play by “the rules”, Stasey has only gone and uploaded a video of herself scrolling through a series of nude pictures.


Weird? Well, it gets worse – they were nude pictures of herself. Oh and she also happened to be a bit stoned, because who doesn’t like to sit back, get high and look at some naked pictures of themselves?

The whole thing was a complete accident of course, though quite why Stasey then decided to compound things by sharing the offending clip is anyone’s guess.

“When you turned on your camera to record a quick PSA but you were a bit high and forgot and then kept doing research while you were filming yourself.

“Also lol at my one million selfies and they’re actually not nude selfies it’s a pink bra for a change.”

Caitlin Stasey on Instagram.
Caitlin Stasey Just chilling out on Instagram. Image Instagram/Caitlin Stasey

Stasey is no stranger to the occasional nude picture or five, having posted a pretty mental amount on social media.

Still, it’s all pretty weird and a far cry from the days she spent living under the roof of Dr Karl and Susan Kennedy on Ramsay Street.

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