Do you text and tinkle?


Nearly Half Of All People Use Their Phone On The Toilet

By Jack Beresford

January 22, 2018

The obsession and addiction surrounding smartphone use has seen people sink to some pretty crappy lows, if new research is to be believed.

According to a survey conducted by e2save, almost half of all phone users admit to using their smartphones on the toilet.

In fact, the research has revealed the habits of these smartphone sh*tters and what they often find themselves doing while dropping the kids off at the pool.

The study claims that more than half of all people (54 per cent) surveyed used their phone in the bathroom to check social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Not only that, but a similar number admit to texting and messaging while on the bog (52 per cent).

A further 45 per cent of respondents revealed that they use trips to the loo to catch up on the news, while 47 per cent check work and personal emails on the porcelain throne.

Interestingly, some 26% of those surveyed admitted to doing online banking on the bog while eight per cent confessed to catching up on a bit of TV and Netflix.

The most disgusting revelations were to come, however, with the study also showing that around eight per cent of respondents took selfies with five per cent taking things one step further by having a swipe on their dating apps.

That said swipe, before you get any ideas.

The top 10 activities carried out on smartphones while on the toilet were as follows:

1.        Checking social media (54%) 2.       Texting/messaging (52%) 3.       Reading the news (45%) 4.       Checking/replying to personal emails (32%) 5.       Gaming (29%) 6.       Online banking (26%) 7.        Checking/replying to work emails (15%) 8.       Listening to music (13%) 9.       Clothes shopping (13%) 10.   Talking on the phone (12%)

Commenting on the survey, Joe Linnington, mobile expert at e2save, said: “With smartphones so prevalent in 2018, it’s no surprise that many people can’t bear to be without them – even for just a few minutes of the day. We were interested to find out what people actually admit to using their phone for on the toilet, and how many of us are trying to be productive on our loo breaks by tackling work emails and online banking.

“The results show a remarkable shift in the activities we’re now able to indulge in during our bathroom breaks. Reading the day’s events has always been a traditional bathroom pastime due to daily newspapers, and the arrival of the Game Boy in the 1980s means that gaming on the loo isn’t particularly ground-breaking either.

“When it comes to activities like shopping, banking, and socialising however, these are tasks that, in living memory, required leaving the house altogether. Now we can do them on a pocket-size device so light and convenient that we can order a new pair of shoes, completely on a whim, from any room of the house in a matter of seconds.”

Just make sure you wash your hands.