NASA Reveals It’s Four Methods For Stopping A Deadly Asteroid Strike

None of them involve sending deep-sea oil drillers up into space.

Incoming Not yet, at least. Image

NASA has revealed the four possible methods that could be deployed in the event of an extinction-level asteroid strike on Earth.

Though the space agency was keen to stress that any near-earth object would need to be spotted decades in advance in order for these plans to be implemented, the four methods should nevertheless provide some comfort to anyone worried about our impending doom.

Build A Giant Laser

The Death Star from Star Wars.

It might sound like the stuff of Star Wars sci-fi fantasy, but NASA reckons they could one day develop a laser powerful enough to turn an asteroid into solid gas. Let’s just hope it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands…

Push It Off Course

While it’s not exactly the same as the plot of the Bruce Willis asteroid epic Armageddon, NASA claims it could use a type of space craft called a “kinetic impactor” to essentially push any asteroid off course. They may even test one of these out in the near future.

Nuke The S.O.B.

Nuclear war

As Donald Trump might say, ‘when in doubt, just nuke it’. This plan would see a load of nuclear warheads strapped on to a NASA rocket which would then be flown directly into the asteroid. This wouldn’t necessarily destroy the space rock but it would definitely knock it off course.

Use A Gravity Tractor

This sounds a little mundane but it’s actually the coolest of the lot. For this, NASA would develop a space craft that would then fly alongside the asteroid and pull it off into a different trajectory i.e. one that doesn’t end with it smashing Earth.

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