NASA Astronauts Could Allegedly Be Covering Up Evidence Aliens Exist

Or at least that’s what a leading conspiracy theorist group reckons anyway.

NASA outer space selfie
Out of this world NASA's outer space selfie. Image Picture NASA

NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) may be covering up irrefutable proof that aliens exist.

At least, that’s the claim put forward by conspiracy theorist group Secure10 during a video uploaded to their YouTube channel.

The group claims that a series of ‘mystery lights’ seen in their video point to the existence of alien craft somewhere close to the ISS.

However, in a startling claim, Secure10 reckon this undeniable proof is being kept under wraps by the very astronauts filming the remarkable footage.

The clip begins with the astronaut involved filming footage of his view of Earth from outer space but things take a turn for the weird when a set of mysterious glowing lights appear.

As Secure10 explains, the NASA official in question then attempts to cover up the sighting by putting his hand in front of the camera.

It’s not the first time a ‘cover up’ of this kind has been recorded either, though officials have previously offered up logical explanations for the phenomena, which include claims that these light sources are reflections from the station itself.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind aliens
UFO Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Image Columbia Pictures

The evidence supporting the idea that aliens do in fact exist, continues to mount.

loaded previously spoke to renowned expert Malcolm Robinson on the very subject, with the UFO expert offering compelling evidence to support the claims of many.

Chris Hadfield on why Tim Peake won’t fear his spacewalk

A US government official turned UFO researcher has also backed up the claims of those suggesting extra terrestrials exist, claiming several reported sightings to date have been very, very real.

The truth is definitely out there.

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