Napflix: The Netflix Alternative Designed To Help You Sleep

The bedtime streaming service that won’t affect your sleep patterns.

Netflix and chill
Netflix and chill. It's on Image Picture Netflix

It’s the common consensus that watching a film or TV series from the comfort of your bed is probably a bad idea for anyone looking to catch up on their sleep rather than the latest episode of House of Cards.

In fact, studies have proven that looking at an electronic screen before bed actually results in a significant decline in the quality of sleep enjoyed.

But much like doctors warning you about the health risks attached to drinking and smoking, catching up on a bit of Netflix before some much-needed shut eye remains pretty common place and we’re all guilty of it and a lot more tired at work as a result.

Help may be at hand though in the form of Napflix, the world’s first “Siesta Video Platform” offering hundreds of hours of content designed to help you drift off.

“Napflix is a video platform where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep,” the team behind the service explains.

Napflix the siesta-led streaming service.
Einstein for the Masses We're feeling sleepy already... Image Napflix

For them it’s about “taking siesta to next level” with a variety of content that’s almost on a par with the wealth of options available to Netflix subscribers though there is one small caveat: it’s all quite relaxing/boring.

Fancy watching a documentary about quantum theory? How about a Scalextric documentary or better yet a truck simulator? It’s all here – there’s even a video of some sheep for those seeking something a little more on-the-nose.

loaded’s personal favourite is the three-hour film focused solely on the inhabitants of a rather large, exotic-looking fish tank. 

Thanks to Napflix, you will probably never have a sleepless night again.

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