There’s A Nando’s Secret Menu And The Options Are Incredible

Fancy a Nando’s Burrito? Well now you can…

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Secret menus are nothing new in the world of fast food but, until now, most thought Nando’s was exempt from that sort of chicanery.

That’s not the case anymore though after details of the grilled chicken giant’s incredible menu hacks found their way online.

To the uninitiated: secret menu items or menu hacks are items that, while available to order, are not featured or priced up on any standard menus or online listings. They often require a little bit of construction on the part of the diner too.

McDonald’s is probably the foremost proponent of this, with secret menu items including the famous Land, Air and Sea Burger as well as the MC10:35. The Nando’s secret menu options are a whole other level of incredible though. Here are 12 of the best options on offer.


The Garinaise Burger

The Garinaise Burger.
The Garinaise Burger.

There’s the Garinaise Burger, for starters. It’s easy enough to make – order a standard Nando’s Sunshine chicken burger with a side order of garlic bread. Then just swap out the standard bread for the garlicified stuff. Simple!


Rice And Peas

Rice and peas from Nando's.

A stone-cold classic, all you need to do here is order a side of spicy rice and some Macho Peas. Mix the two together and you have something that defies all logic in being both relatively healthy while also damn tasty.


Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy garlic bread.

There’s also the option to make cheesy garlic bread by asking for garlic bread with a couple of slices of cheese placed on top – you can even combine this to create a Garinaise Burger with cheese. Welcome to food heaven.


A Magical Marinade

Nando's Peri-Tamer chicken.

Ever find the standard Nando’s marinades a little too hot to handle? Or simply bored by the other options? Ask for the Peri-TAMER – it’s the milder marinade available on the kids’ menu and it’s damn delicious. There’s also the Peri-Flamer. It’s slightly hotter but equally lush.


The Nando’s Burrito

Nando's Prego Roll.
Nando's Prego Roll.

Let’s not forget the Nando’s burrito either – the combination of a standard Prego steak roll with chilli jam wrap and a side of spicy rice. It takes a bit of construction at the table, so napkins are advised but, once complete, is truly delicious.


Cheesy Mash

Nando's Prego Roll.
Nando's Prego Roll.

Cheesy mash is also available – just ask for mash with, you’ve guessed it, a slice of cheese on top. It melts and creates something magical. Just make sure the cheese has melted nicely, otherwise the whole thing just doesn’t work.


Super Crispy Chicken Wings

Nando's chicken wings.

Nando’s chicken wings are great, but have you ever wished they were a little crispier? Well, if you actually ask your server for “Super crispy” wings, they will provide you with exactly that. Just don’t expect anything with a KFC-style coating. They will be well done though and delicious.


Cheesy Chips

Nando's chips.
Nando's chips.

An almost identical concept to the cheesy mash, ask for a couple of slices of cheese to cover you chips. Get peri-peri salt on your fries too and, once the cheese has melted, something truly magical and flavoursome occurs.


The Merky

The Merky from Nando's.
The Merky from Nando's.

Grime legend Stormzy is meant to be responsible for this beauty, which tastes every bit as tasty as it looks and sounds. The Merky is also one of the simplest options to order and create too – just order some halloumi and garlic bread. When it arrives, place the halloumi inside the garlic bread and, hey presto, you have the Merky!


The Fantoke

The Fantoke from Nando's.
The Fantoke from Nando's.

Supposedly “invented” by Tottenham and England attacker Dele Alli and subsequently copied by his legion of fans online, it’s actually a surprisingly tasty combination and one that makes a refreshing change.


Nando’s Breakfast

The Nando's Breakfast.
The Nando's Breakfast.

The stuff of legend, you have to go a long way to get a Nando’s breakfast – Gatwick Airport, to be precise. It’s the only place in the UK where the breakfast menu is served. Items include the Nando’s beans and eggs on toast with “Corny browns” and the ultimate: the Nando’s Benedict – Nando’s chicken served with two poached eggs, spinach and Peri-hollandaise sauce (see above).


Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt

Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt
Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt

Only available in select branches of Nando’s, you may get blank looks asking for the Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt. But, if you are lucky enough to be in the right outlet, then you can look forward to a chicken burger containing chunks of pineapple, cheddar cheese and chilli jam. Delicious.

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