Naked Speed Dating Is The New Hook-up Craze Of 2018

Naked Attraction has got a lot to answer for.

Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction.Image Channel 4

Nude speed dating events have begun popping up all over the place as singletons seek increasingly unusual ways to hook-up with a potential partner.

London is playing host to the capital’s first nude speed dating event in a get-together organisers promise will get “tongues wagging and heads turning for all the right reasons.”

The event, created by the website, is being held at the Exhibit pub in Balham, south London and is already a sell-out, with 30 guests set to get their kit off in an effort to find love. Or something like that.

According to The Morning Advertiser, the event has been inspired by Channel 4’s late night nude dating show, Naked Attraction. So it’s Anna Richardson’s fault.

“The selection and attraction of a suitable mate is one of fundamental importance to all species, both in the animal kingdom and with humans too. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that in the world of dating the same kind of attraction and science applies,” the organisers said.

“So, just like [Channel 4’s] Naked Attraction, which features men and women selecting from a range of potential dates, entirely naked, our brand new naked speed dating will do the same.”

Naked Attraction film

The event will see speed daters handed a dressing down to change into. At that point, all of those in attendance will line up, facing each other, before taking their gowns off. Sounds horrifying.

But if any of that does sound like a nightmare to anyone out there – and it might – organisers are keen to stress that there is a “clothes optional policy” for anyone who would rather keep their underwear on at least.

“After the big reveal it’s time to get dressed and compose yourself, grab yourself a well-earned drink just before the speed dating begins,” organisers noted

“The fun begins here as you get to mingle, chat and flirt with the gorgeous bunch of guys and girls you’ve just seen naked.”

It has already proven popular, meaning more nude speed dating events are likely to arrive in the coming months in London, the UK and the world as we know it. Welcome to 2018.

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