Naked Restaurant Serving Food On Nude Models Opens In Spain

Just don’t order the banana split…

Naked restaurant
Naked restaurant Would you dine here? Image Facebook/Innato restaurant

Whatever happened to the humble plate? Have you noticed that hipster cafés everywhere are replacing them with boards, granite slates, and all kinds of weird stuff these days?

Frankly, loaded isn’t impressed with the anti-plate trend which seems to be emerging recently, and a new naked restaurant is taking things to a whole other level.

The recently opened Innato Tenerife in Spain is offering a pretty unique service, which allows diners to eat their food directly off the bodies of the waitresses.

Diners at the Tenerife eatery are guided to their table by candlelight, and the owners claim that the unusual set-up allows diners to eat in an ‘orgasmic atmosphere’.

Customers are also encouraged to get naked while they eat too, and the restaurant has banned camera phones to make customers feel more comfortable.

One of the most popular dishes is the Happy Endings dessert, which sees diners eat strawberries off a member of staff covered in chocolate sauce – like a huge human chocolate fountain.

Take a look at an advertisement for the restaurant below:

Owner Tony de Leonardis was inspired to open the restaurant after reading about London’s The Bunyadi eatery, which also encourages diners to eat in the nude.

Fancy eating your supper in the buff? The restaurant is taking bookings now. Just make sure you don’t order the banana split…

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