Naked Attraction’s Beef Sandwich Girl reveals all

Tracy Kiss was all over Twitter after her appearance on the show.

The set for Naked Attraction.
Behind the scenes with the Beef sandwich lady What really goes on. Image Channel 4

She was the talk of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction this week but what exactly possessed contestant Tracy Kiss to describe her vagina as a “beef sandwich”? Well, loaded spoke to the woman herself to find out.

Recruited via social media to appear on the dating show, which sees one woman or man choose from a panel of six completely naked would-be dates, Kiss served up, pardon the pun, one of the most memorable moments on the show.

Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction.
Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

Speaking to host Anna Richardson, Tracy revealed her rather unusual nickname for her vagina in a move that had Twitter in uproar.

But, for the personal trainer, blogger, journalist and all-round social media star, the description was more about being herself in the only way she knew how.

“Being vegan I have a dislike for meaty looking meat, my labia certainly being one of them,” she told loaded.

“I think my labia look like a stamped on beef sandwich and when Anna asked me about it I had no hesitation in being honest.”

Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction.
Tracy Kiss/Instagram Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

As much as anything for Kiss, the beef sandwich revelation was about showing that, despite being a personal trainer with a raft of romantic admirers on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, she, like everyone else, has flaws.

“I know that I’m not perfect, we all have body hang ups but I don’t censor myself, I am who I am and after an entire childhood of being bullied for being ugly, shy and too geeky as a woman I have accepted that people will either love or hate me for who I am,” Kiss said.

Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction.
Tracy Kiss/Instagram Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

“Life is too short to pretend you’re something you’re not.”

Keep an eye out for more from Kiss in the coming weeks, as she reveals what Naked Attraction is really like and the bits that the programme maker’s decided were too hot for TV.

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