Naked Attraction contestant attracts ire of the internet

Did he honestly think this would be well received?

Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction.Image Channel 4

Since it’s initial broadcast last month, not a week has gone by without Channel 4’s nude dating show, Naked Attraction, causing some sort of commotion on social media.

Last week it was the turn of contestant Tracy Kiss, who courted controversy on Twitter after referring to her lady bits as a “beef sandwich.”

But while the fitness fanatic and blogger was only too happy to explain herself to loaded, something tells us Naked Attraction’s latest culprit may want to keep a low profile.

“thighs are basically the motorboats of the booty world”

His name is Kieron and, for today at least, he may just be the most controversial man in the whole of the United Kingdom after rejecting one unlucky Naked Attraction contestant for a rather contentious reason.

The format of the Channel 4 show is simple enough: one boy or girl selects a date from six would-be partners who also happen to be standing, completely starkers, in front of them.

Over the course of six rounds, the picker has to eliminate potential dates, one at a time, giving a valid reason in each instance for why they have been given the chop.

Kieron off Naked Attraction
Naked Attraction embroiled in controversy What was Kieron thinking? Image Channel 4

For the most part, these reasons have been fairly tame, with people citing things like toenails and accents rather than someone being too fat or not particularly well endowed.

But Kieron found a way to offend people on the internet after opting to reject one woman over her “lack of bridge.”

Like presenter Anna Richardson, loaded was rather unfamiliar with what exactly a “bridge” was, but Kieron was on hand to offer an explanation.

“A bridge is the gap you can see through,” he explained, adding “It’s important because of sexual positions and things like that.”

Having essentially described what is a thigh gap, Kieron found himself the subject of much scorn online.

Former contestant Kiss, meanwhile, appeared unimpressed by her successor’s selection methods.

“I’m not a fan of thigh gaps or being super skinny,” she told Loaded.

“Everybody has their own shape and size and beauty and sexiness comes from loving your body and being confident in your own skin.

“I also think sex is so much hotter when you’ve got something to rub against, thighs are basically the motorboats of the booty world. Thick is fit!”

Naked Attraction's Tracy Kiss
A Kiss from a Rose On the...graaaaccceee

It’s fair to say that those angry viewers at home had the last laugh though with Kieron revealing, later in the show, that he and his chosen date had failed to hit it off, with his partner-of-choice embarking on a relationship with another man in the time since.

That will teach you for being rude, Kieron.

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