Too hot for TV: The stuff branded too extreme for Naked Attraction

Tracy Kiss tells loaded a little more about the show everyone is talking about.

The set for Naked Attraction.
Behind the scenes with the Beef sandwich lady What really goes on. Image Channel 4

Where once shows like Blind Date required would-be dates to wow their prospective partner with witty one-liners and heartfelt replies, today’s singletons are seeking a more visual approach.

The result is Naked Attraction – Channel 4’s new dating show that sees one lucky so-and-so select a date from six potential partners.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that the six also happen to be completely stark naked? Well, we just did, so you can’t act surprised once the show starts.

A slick, futuristic effort with plenty in the way of memorable moments – both good and bad – the show has nevertheless been a revelatory experience for those involved.

Take gym instructor, blogger, Vlogger and all-round social media personality Tracy Kiss, who made headlines after coming up with a rather distinctive nickname for her particulars.

Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction.
Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

Ahead of the latest episode, Kiss decided to dish the dirt on some of the stuff deemed too hot for television. You have been warned.


There was an air of mystery to proceedings

Kiss didn’t know much about the show beforehand.

“I was approached via Twitter by a member of the production who said they liked my attitude towards life and thought I’d be good for the show,” she told loaded.

“I knew very little about it until the actual day of filming but from start to finish it has been such a positive and kickass experience that I will cherish forever and proudly tell my great grandchildren about.”


It’s very cold on set – but there’s a very good reason for that

Tracy Kiss on Instagram
Kiss on Instagram Tracy has learned to embrace her body since the show. Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

Much has been made of the cold temperatures on set but, until now, loaded didn’t really have anything to compare it to… until now that is.

“I’d describe it as walking through the chillers in a supermarket when you’re getting some milk,” Kiss explains.

The Instagram favourite was keen to debunk one small (sorry) myth though: the cold temperatures are not just about preventing any unwanted erections.

“It’s a large studio space and under direct lights it gets hot but on the main floor,” she said.

“You’re not about to switch 100 radiators on and sweat everyone out when crew are fully clothed and contestants are naked. You can’t please everyone.” Very true.


Naked dancing was definitely encouraged on set

With filming taking place over several hours, Kiss found herself struggling to stay “warmed up” during her own naked scenes, though she did get some help from those on set.

“The crew gave me a fluffy white gown and slippers to wear when I was naked and I danced around a bit to keep warm,” she said, “but felt sorry for the guys in their boxes who were standing there for hours uncovered.”


There was an unseen willy-copter round

A Kiss from a Rose
A Kiss from a Rose On the...graaaaccceee

Keen to get a clearer idea of what she was working with, Kiss actually put in a special request to the programme makers which, unfortunately for some, went unnoticed.

“I actually requested an arousal round so that I could see what I had to choose from but I was told that wasn’t allowed to be broadcast so I had to go on guess work,” she noted.

The Channel 4 crew did offer up a compromise of sorts, though it ultimately never made it to the final programme.

“I settled for them all doing Willy-copters for me instead but sadly it wasn’t shown!”

Can’t possibly think why.


The boys bonded over their nakedness

Naked Attraction may have been a somewhat lonely experience for the sole picker, but it was a different story for the boys and girls being whittled down, so to speak.

“I was kept completely separate from everybody the whole time so I didn’t get to know or speak to everyone,” Kiss revealed.

“But the boys were all together having drinks and getting naked before they went on.”

The lucky so-and-sos!


Tracy Kiss on Instagram
Dick Tracy Kiss makes no "bones" about her preference. Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram


Don’t believe what you hear! Size was definitely a factor

One of the most amusing facets of Naked Attraction so far has been the flimsy excuses used by some to justify giving someone the elbow.

From accents to toe nails, it seems like many are keen to avoid the obvious when it comes to selecting their date but not Kiss.

“Seeing as I saw the men revealed from the bottom to the top my initial factor for choosing my date was certainly his manhood,” she confirmed.

“I felt like a malnourished kitten at an all you can eat buffet when I saw his piece and literally couldn’t contain my excitement.”

Wow, so there you go guys.

Naked Attraction is on Channel 4 every Monday at 10:30pm while Tracy Kiss can be followed on TwitterYouTube and Instagram.

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