My Fridge Food: A Genius Recipe Website For An Almost Empty Fridge

You'll never look at Pot Noodle the same

A fridge of food Image Greatist

Ever have those nights when there’s a random selection of food in the fridge and you’re short on cash? Well, My Fridge Food is the online answer to your prayers.

The site was started by a chap named Nick, who created a nifty little platform that allows a user to pick from a list of food items and discover a range of recipes based on these selections.

One is then able to create something spectacular with, for example, bread, canned tuna and Pot Noodle – the result is a Ramen Wrap, a delicious concoction that involves cooked noodles between two slices of bread with tuna thrown in. Yum

My Fridge Food’s Facebook page is teeming with likes – 60, 563 to be exact – and it’s a pretty genius concept that hasn’t even been around that long.

The recipes also look pretty delicious, and if we’re honest we’ve got our eye on the ‘breakfast casserole pizza’ and ‘7UP pound cake’.

There are also prizes to be won, due to contests launched every day. Right now there are three challenges going, including Submit A Recipe Contest! The winning recipe gets featured on the website for the month.

Get creative folks!

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