Listening To Good Music Has The ‘Same Effect As Taking Drugs’

Good tunes can actually 'get you high'.

Music gets you 'high'
Music gets you high Listening to your favourite tunes has the same effect as taking drugs Image Creative Commons

We all know that listening to our favourite songs is a pretty great way to relax, right?

 Sure, chilling out and bingeing on Netflix is great, but as far as putting on your headphone and whacking on a great Spotify playlist goes, you can’t really beat it.

Now though, it’s been revealed there might be more science to enjoying music than we previously thought.

It’s actually been revealed that listening to ‘dope’ music, is the same as… well, smoking dope.

That’s right – listening to your favourite artists reportedly induces similar responses in the brain to the ones you experience when taking drugs.

Previous research has shown that good music stimulates our opioid receptors, much like heroin and morphine do [via Wired].

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Now, researchers at McGill university have conducted a new study to test this.

Participants had to choose two songs they really loved, and one group then received an opioid blocker called naltrexone, while the other group received a placebo.

They then listened to the music, and noted down their enjoyment levels, while electrode pads also registered their levels of facial activity.

The results showed that the naltrexone made the songs sound less enjoyable to the students, which shows that music stimulates the opioid receptors in the brain just like certain kinds of recreational drugs do.

So, the next time you’re freaking out to your favorite Drum and Bass track, or getting inspired listening to something more relaxing, you’ll know that you’re basically getting high off the music.

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