This Music Has Been Designed To Help You Focus Like Never Before

Einstein’s Genius is a new hybrid genre unlike anything you have heard before

Inspired by Einstein The music was specially formulated to help focus. Image Getty

If you ever listen to music in a bid to help you concentrate on a particular task, then loaded has a treat for you and it’s all thanks to Albert Einstein.

As a society, we live in increasingly distracting times. Facebook. Netflix. WhatsApp. It’s almost too much to take and it’s little wonder we’re becoming more distracted than ever.

One recent survey found that, of 1,000 people quizzed, roughly a quarter landed themselves in trouble at work as a direct result of failing to properly concentrate on the job at hand. 

That could all change with the introduction of “Einstein’s Genius” though, a hybrid music genre combining elements of specially recorded baroque string quartet arrangements with electronic dance music and synth sequences.

A total of six hours of the new music has been created as part of a “Genius Symphony” created by focus@will, a special music subscription service offering scientifically engineered music designed to increase focus and reduce distractions. 

Put together by neuroscientists and inspired by Einstein’s own love of listening to Bach and playing the violin while thinking through his most complex theories, experts reckon it represents the perfect musical formula to aid overall cognitive mood.

Will Henshall, founder and CEO of focus@will explained:

“The music will help its listeners channel their inner Einstein and create a hyper focus at work and is particularly effective for developers, techies and creatives such as designers and writers.”

Created in conjunction with National Geographic and the channel’s upcoming ten-part drama, Genius, starring Geoffrey Rush as Einstein and created by Ron Howard, it could bring an end to those countless wasted hours spent in front of a computer screen. 

Just don’t expect to get your head around the theory of relativity any time soon.

Focus@Will composed music inspired by National Geographic’s new drama Genius starts Sunday at 9pm

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