Mugshawtys: The Instagram Account Chronicling America’s Best Looking Criminals

The page showcases the most eye-catching femme fatales to ever pose for a mug shot.

Mug shots from the Mugshawty website.

A controversial Instagram account, chronicling a series of mugshots featuring some of the most eye-catching women to ever go up on charges, is proving popular online.

Mugshawtys boasts a whopping 228 posts, chronicling a veritable feast of would-be femme fatales alongside the tagline “hope bae makes bail””.

The idea could not be simpler: a mug shot is uploaded alongside a line explaining what they are in there for.

This lady, for example, was busted for marijuana possession:

possession of marijuana

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Meanwhile, this woman seems to have been arrested for burglary:


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Not every picture comes with an explanation of the crime committed of course, like this one:

no info

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It’s probably worth nothing that none of this information can be verified. It could all be made up. They may not even criminals either.

In any case, the concept has proven popular on Instagram, with Mugshawtys racking up an impressive 15,000 followers in just a short space of time.

The concept is not likely to sit well with everyone – it does appear to be objectifying women on some level. There’s also a question mark as to whether any of these women would want their picture being shared on a site like this. A lot of them appear to be crying in the mug shots.

It’s not the first time mug shots have captured the public’s imagination.

This image of a Goth-like robber went viral last year while this mug shot may rank among the strangest ever seen.

While arguably the most famous of all is Jeremy Meeks, the criminal turned model who became known to millions as “hot felon.”

failure to appear

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The fame evidently went to Meeks’ head though, with the ex-criminal embarking on a modelling career, ditching his wife Melissa and embarking on a relationship with Chloe Green, the heir to Philip Green’s Top Shop empire.

Who knows? Maybe one of the women featured on Mugshawtys might end up getting a similar break? It’s pretty unlikely though. Stuff like that rarely happens.

All joking aside though, this is kind of creepy. Men do some very strange things on the internet.

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