Suicide Squad blitzes competition: Five best trailers from the MTV Movie Awards

Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War were among the main highlights at the MTV event.

Blockbuster summer Some very big films are just around the corner...

When it comes to debuting new trailers the MTV Movie Awards rarely disappoints and 2016 was no exception with choice cuts from the likes of Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad debuted.

It was not all about the comic book adaptations though on a night when Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson moved one step closer to global domination and a certain Mr Will Smith’s contribution to music and film was further celebrating.

In fact, there were as many as five eye-catching trailer debuts on show – here is our countdown.



Scream Season two of the slasher favourite.

If you missed season one of MTV’s TV series inspired by the movies of the same name, do not be put off watching this trailer.

While boasting little in the way of spoilers or plot for that matter (it is a 10-episode long slasher film) the clip does reveal one thing: the infamous ghost mask is making a comeback!


Kong: Skull Island

Not so much a trailer as a look behind-the-scenes of this version of the monster movie classic which promises to bring more in the way of gung-ho action than Peter Jackson’s thoughtful, if at times frenetic, adaptation.

With Oscar winner Brie Larson on board alongside the always-excellent Tom Hiddleston and some eye-catching set pieces, it’s shaping up to be one of the year’s more intriguing blockbusters.


Fantastic Beasts

Proving itself to be more than just the cinematic equivalent of Frasier (not that that is a bad thing) Harry Potter fans were given a proper look at upcoming spin-off Fantastic Beasts.

Ably led by Eddie Redmayne as a wizard of sorts existing in a 1920s America that has been wonderfully brought to life on the big screen, the only downside is Colin Farrell’s dodgy voiceover.

Now, is he supposed to be Irish or American?


Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Marvel's mightiest are back.

Once again not necessarily a trailer, this featurette showcases Captain America at his very best i.e. kicking some serious terrorist ass. Oh, Falcon and Scarlett Witch help out a bit too.

Perhaps the biggest reason to check out the new teaser, however, is for a first glimpse of Frank Grillo as the iconic villain Crossbones. He looks like a scary motherfucker.


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad The latest trailer for DC Comics' new hope.

On a night in which MTV celebrated the movie career of Will Smith (excluding Wild Wild West and After Earth of course), it seemed fitting that his latest film should take centre stage.

And centre stage it most definitely did take with a new trailer featuring more action from Smith as well as some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it semi-naked naughtiness from Margot Robbie.

We will not ruin the rest for you, just watch and pray that this film does not go the same way as Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Actually, speaking of Batman…

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