Crazy Mr Robot Reddit theory may have blown the show’s biggest secret

Forget everything you thought you knew about Elliot.

Rami Malek in Mr Robot
Mr Robot Rami Malek as the hacker supreme in Mr Robot. Image Picture USA Network

What do you mean you haven’t seen Mr Robot yet?

The hacking drama is no longer TV’s best kept secret, with the second season well underway and newcomers bingeing their way through last year’s debut run.

Rami Malek has established himself as the breakout star of the show, playing mentally-fractured hacker Elliot Alderson.

Like fellow tortured souls Patrick Bateman and Fight Club’s Jack/Tyler Durden, there’s intense speculation about Elliot’s state of mind and how much Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail is withholding from viewers (answer: probably a lot).

Now a new theory circulating on Reddit that may have the answer to everything. According to user Extenso, Elliot is a delusional prisoner who eats meals at the same time every day, has no access to the web, lives in a small rectangular room and, every time he’s spotted outside, he’s framed with bars close by.

This regimented life is closely akin to one behind bars. 

Do we buy it? Possibly. The show’s strong Fight Club/American Psycho/Taxi Driver vibes habe always hinted that Elliot is a protagonist hiding big secrets.

Intriguingly, the Reddit discussion also picked up on something Malek said in a recent interview. Asked to describe Elliot’s Mr Robot season 2 in one word he replied with “committed”.

When co-star Carly Chaikin burst out laughing, did she inadvertently give away Malek’s sly revelation?

We’ll have to stay watching to find out.

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