Mr Bean Gets Recut As A Horror Thriller Starring Ed Norton

Rowan Atkinson has never been more terrifying

Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean
Rowan Atkinson As Mr Bean Image Getty

Imagine, for a moment, if the comedy stylings of Rowan Atkinson’s signature character Mr Bean took on a far more sinister meaning.

That’s pretty much the idea behind “Mean Bean”, a fan-made teaser trailer that presents audiences with a disturbing portrait of the comedy icon.

Put together by YouTube maestro John Loberger, the 93-second clip takes several segments from Atkinson’s big screen debut as Bean to create something rather special.

It’s fascinating to see how the character of Mr Bean takes on an entirely new meaning with the addition of a few simple cuts here and there and some super-sinister music.

From the once-hilarious sight of Bean shaving his tongue, to his penchant for pretending his hand is a gun – all of sudden one of the UK’s best comedy exports has gone from family friendly to borderline Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

The trailer’s crowning glory, however, comes in the final scene on-board a plane, when Loberger successfully brings Mr Bean face-to-face with Ed Norton in a confrontation that is explosive to say the least.

Fusing footage from Bean: The Movie and Fight Club, viewers see how a simple prank involving a sick bag ends with one hell of an on-board bang.

Is it all a bit weird? Undoubtedly so. Does it make sense? Just about. Is it hilarious and slickly put together? You better believe it.

One thing is for sure: Norton is not going to like this one bit…

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