Watch: Woman Hilariously Tricks Her Mum With Cling Film Prank

Nothing says Mothers Day like this classic prank...

Look out mum... Image YouTube/ Shirley Everton

The cling film prank is a classic, and one woman revived it to give her mother a memorable Mother’s Day.

A hilarious viral video of the event has surfaced online, showing the mother of Shirley Everton from Wales rushing to the door, unaware that her mischievous daughter has wrapped the entire entrance with adhesive cling film.

“I done my door with cling film,” chuckles Everton. Watch the hilarious clip below:

Before the prank takes place, she’s heard saying in the clip, ”I’m going to call her and then hopefully – this is an old trick, I know, but my mother’s never seen it. So let’s try it.’

Shirley then shouts for her mother, who is still inside to ‘Come, quick!’

“What?” Her mother is heard shouting back.

Naturally, her mum rushes to the door and is catapulted backward by the film, in a rage, she tears apart the plastic and screams at her child, ‘what the hell is this? You’ll be doing the toilet seat next!’ 

If she does, we hope she films it for us, because this is hilarious. Especially Shirley’s laugh, which is priceless. 

Maybe next time, Shirley should think about giving her a box of chocolates and flowers instead though…

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