The ‘Most Toxic’ E-Cigarette Flavours Have Been Revealed

Vaping might not be as good for you as you once thought.

Vaping is bad for you.

There was a time when vaping was promoting as a semi-healthy alternative to regular smoking, but that’s quickly changing.

Research previously revealed that vaping can do serious damage to a smoker’s DNA, while also increasing their risk of heart disease and cancer. But it gets worse.

Now scientists are warning that the chemicals that give certain vapes their distinctive flavour might actually be toxic to white cells in the blood.

According to a study published in the journal Frontiers In Physiology, these chemicals can result in an inflammation of the monocytes – white blood cells found in the immune system that are designed to combat infections, bacteria and viruses.

Researchers were even able to deduce the flavours that could be most harmful to smokers: cinnamon, butter and vanilla.

And the study also warned of the dangers of mixing e-cig flavours – something that can apparently increase the likelihood of incurring health problems, according to the study’s findings.

Dr Thivanka Muthumalage, of Rochester University said: “Cinnamon, vanilla and butter flavouring chemicals were the most toxic but our research showed mixing flavours of e-liquids caused by far the most toxicity to white blood cells.”

Previously tests conducted on mice revealed those breathing e-cigarette vapour suffered greater levels of damage to their DNA in the heart, lungs and bladder.

The warning signs regarding e-Cigs have been there for some time, with scientists previously expressing concerns that vaping remained a relatively untested experience.

A cigarette smoking.
Smoking Is seriously bad for you

However, more and more research is now coming to the fore indicating that vaping may actually be more harmful that standard cigarette smoking.

Worth an estimated £1 billion worldwide, vaping has emerged from nowhere to help cater to a growing demographic of smokers eager to quit harmful tobacco but keen to continue essentially smoking.

If vaping is no longer a healthy alternative to smoking, then many fans may ultimately be forced to reconsider their choice or, better yet, quit all together.

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