5 Of The Most Stunning UNDERWATER Hotels On Earth

Care to have a mini break 1,000 leagues under the sea?

poseidon undersea hotel
Could you imagine waking up in a room like this? Image Poseidon Undersea Hotel

These hotels make staying on dry land look downright boring… 

Thanks to the magic of modern living, and a pile of cash, hotels throughout the world have come up with ingenious ways for humans to wake up under the sea. Resorts worldwide have been utilising the latest technology and architecture to create a truly unique experience for those looking for a different kind of holiday.

Honestly, most of these picks will cost you a pretty penny, but luckily some are surprisingly affordable.

Here is loaded’s list of the most insane UNDERWATER hotels.



DUBAI, Atlantis the Palm

This hotel is modelled after the lost city of Atlantis and in true Emirati style – it is the height of opulence. The undoubted highlight is the floor to ceiling windows that look onto a man-made reef filled with 65,000 aquatic species. 

Atlantis: The Palm, Dubai




This stunning restaurant is a part of the massive Per Aquum resort in the Maldives. You can have a drink and chow down in a blue tinged other-worldly environment. Though we suspect it might get awkward to see fish swimming by while you tuck into their friend. 



 ZANZIBAR, The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort is just off the coast of Africa and while it provides the basic amenities for an incredible beach holiday, the draw to this place has to be the singular underwater hotel bungalow option. This Swedish engineered bungalow features three levels with the bottom section being within the cerulean depths. Better yet, a neighbourhood trumpet fish called Nick is guaranteed to show up for a chat. 

The Manta Resort
The Manta Resort



SWEDEN, Utter Inn

This floating underwater hotel is in a Swedish lake near Stockholm, it’s constructed to look like a traditional red cottage with white trimmings floating on the water. Upon closer inspection, it’s much more than it seems. A climb down into the bowels of this unique hotel will take you to a very comfy living area. While it does not provide the same crystal clear beauty as a coral reef –  its still pretty cool. 

Utter Inn



ST. LUCIA, Lovers Deep

What is essentially a luxury hotel within a giant submarine, this floating hotel was created by Oliver’s Travels and a night here doesn’t come cheap. Renting the ship will set you back £150,000 a night. Addtionally, the submarine is being marketed as a way to become a member of the “Mile Low Club.” Pretty expensive membership if you ask us. 

Oliver's Travels/Lover's Deep


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