Is This The Most Dangerous Stag Do Activity In The World?

Rabid dog chases are the latest must-do stag do activity and it sounds bonkers.

A rabid dog chase.
Oh! Sit! Image The Stag Do Company.

Stag do revellers are always on the lookout for something new, exciting and suitably daft to do for their mate’s big send-off but one events company might have taken things to a whole new level.

Forget Extreme Zorbing, Cliff-Jumping or getting handcuffed to deranged non-league football fan the Wealdstone Raider; in 2017 the must-do stag-do activity is way wilder: A Rabid Dog Chase.

Scared? You probably should be. The brainchild of Brighton-based stag events firm The Stag Company, the idea of a Rabid Dog Chase might sound bonkers but … well … yeah it’s a bit bonkers.

Based over in the Latvian capital of Riga, at a disused military base, stag do revellers will be provided with a full bite suit and helmet before an experienced police K9 instructor runs through all the important health and safety info – you’ll want to listen for that bit.

It’s usually the case that the unfortunate stag is the one kitted out in the suit, while all of his mates watch on from a safe distance but there’s a twist on proceedings here – three of his mates must also take part and don the suit.

From there it’s a simple a case of releasing the hounds – they’re actually dogs, so it’s unlikely anyone will be shouting “release the hounds!” – then it’s just a case of watching and laughing as the dog charges straight for its target. Unless you happen to be the target, of course.

Okay, so it’s not a Rabid Dog Chase in the strictest sense of the word – there’s no chance of you getting rabies, which is always a big plus for any stag do.

A rabid dog chase.
Down boy! Image The Stag Do Company.

And while it’s going to hurt, Alex Pander, who set the whole thing up insists the pain is relative. “The bite will still hurt even in the protective clothing, but it will be the equivalent of a paintball shot, so not too bad,” he said.

Tom Bourlet of The Stag Do Company said: “Lads are always after the latest prank for the stag to stitch him up on his big weekend away. The ‘fake arrest’ in Eastern Europe has been one of our fastest growing activities of 2017, therefore it was unsurprising something like this would come along.

“I definitely wouldn’t give it a try, but if you are after something a little scarier than your usual quad biking or escape rooms then this definitely ticks the box.”

Get booking now, if you can handle it.

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