Morgan Freeman admits he’s a sexist (but not a misogynist)

The voice of god shares some surprising views.

Morgan Freeman in Now You See Me 2
Behind bars Morgan Freeman in Now You See Me 2. Image Picture eOne

Morgan Freeman has just sent his agents and management into a panic by making a startling revelation at the annual Produced By conference.

Appearing on a panel to discuss his work behind the camera with his Revelations Entertainment producing partner Lori McCreary, Freeman described himself as “sexist but not a misogynist”.

The Oscar-winning actor recalled his first ever meeting with McCreary, saying “she had on a dress cut to here”.

“He’s not a pig, I promise,” interrupted panel moderator Mark Gordon before sheepishly adding: “Maybe he is.”

“[Am I] sexist? Yeah. But I’m not misogynistic.”

Freeman continued: “She doesn’t want to be thought of as a pretty face. She wants to be thought of as serious. But you can’t get away from the short dresses.”

Elaborating further on the topic, Freeman said: “[Am I] sexist? Yeah. But I’m not misogynistic.”

Freeman and McCreary’s working relationship stretches back 20 decades, with their work projects including Invictus, science show Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman and CBS series Madam Secretary.

The Hollywood Reporter also quoted Freeman as calling his partner a “good person” and “a workaholic” during the panel, so it’s doubtful these comments will drive any kind of wedge between the duo.

McCreary also theorised that she might share similar views to Freeman, saying: “I think inherently — I might be sexist — my construct is family, bringing people together. I’m not saying men aren’t that way.”

Freeman can next be seen reprising his role in magician thriller Now You See Me 2. No doubt publicists across Hollywood will be trembling in fear about what he may end up saying.

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