A New Survey Shows That Women Fart More During Sex Than Men

Have you let one rip during sex?

The first time with a new person is always nerve wracking... Image Focus Features

Sex is usually a super intimate time, where you’re exposed both emotionally and physically. It’s also the worst time to let out a fart…

Hey, it happens, so Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed Europeans and Americans to find out what the most common ‘sexual mishaps’ are. It turns out people need to work out more and lay off the beans…

The most prevalent problem across the map seems to be getting a muscle crap during the act, while a vast majority of women claim that they often break wind loudly between the sheets.

Superdrug Online

The rarest occurrence was probably kissing someone’s armpit, which actually isn’t that weird – it’s a surprisingly well recognised fetish.

Out of the 2000 people surveyed, the second most awkward sexual encounter was leaving the windows open, which doesn’t seem that strange to us unless you live near a tennis court, and they can hear your wails during a major tennis match, which happened by the way. See it (and hear it) here.

Other awkwardness includes knocking something over, falling off the bed, bending a penis the wrong way, burping and biting someone a little too hard. This isn’t Twilight, calm down people.

We don’t know about you, but these stats make us feel a whole lot better about our embarrassing sexual moments, and it seems according to the participants that even if these things happen most people don’t really give a fart.

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