Irvine Welsh Hints At Even More Trainspotting Movies To Come

Will Rent Boy and Begbie be back for a third film?

Ewan McGregor in TrainspottingImage Picture Film4/Polygram Pictures

Trainspotting 2 hasn’t even been released yet, but there is already talk of making a third film in the series.

Danny Boyle’s highly-anticipated sequel is out in cinemas later this month, and author Irvine Welsh believes there are more Trainspotting films to come.

Trainspotting 2 is based on Welsh’s 2002 novel Porno, and Welsh believes there is ‘room for one more’ film based around his original characters.

Speaking to Time Out, Welsh said: “I think there’s probably room for one more kind of Trainspotting – you never know what’s going to happen with these things.”

The sequel, titled T2 Trainspotting, picks up twenty years after the events of Boyle 1996 classic, and explores where the lives of characters Rent Boy, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie ended up.

Welsh revealed that he believes his spinoff novel The Blade Artist would provide suitable material for a third movie.

Speaking about the novel, he added: “It’s a very, very filmic book, I think. It’s almost like, bang, it has a three-act structure with not a lot of padding. And it’s a lot more genre than some of the other Trainspotting books.”

T2: Trainspotting 2 trailer
Choose life Renton and the lads are back. Image Picture Sony/Film4

Welsh previously said that a Trainspotting TV series could happen too. Given that it took twenty years for a second movie to be made though, we might be waiting some time to see it…

Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Kelly MacDonald and Robert Carlyle are all back for T2 Trainspotting, which is released on January 27.

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