Bizarre Footage Of Monkey Attempting To Mate With A Deer Double Its Size Goes Viral

The greatest love story of 2017?

monkey and a deer
The odd couple The number one viral nature video of 2017 Image YouTube/Cédric Sueur

The internet can be a weird place at times. Even the most unlikely videos can become overnight hits online and, true to form, bizarre footage of a monkey and a deer has become the latest clip to take over the web.

The clip shows a Japanese macaque monkey attempting to mate with a deer twice its size, and it’s way more NSFW than anything we’ve ever seen on a David Attenborough documentary.

Shot back in 2015, the video shows the primate mounting two sika deer on Yakushima Island, Japan.

The footage, which has experienced a huge surge in views over the last few hours, shows the opportunistic monkey unsuccessfully attempt to mate with them both, before being shaken off.

What’s the reason behind this strange behaviour? Scientists are suggesting that the male was a low ranking member of his group, and was left frustrated after being unable to attract a mate.

Speaking to the New Scientist, Marie Pelé of the University of Strasbourg in France said: “It could be a manifestation of the known play behaviour between Japanese macaques and the deer they are known to sometimes ride.”

It’s not the first time bizarre footage like this has been recorded. As Mashable reports, an Antarctic fur seal was previously observed attempting to mate with penguins, and baffled scientists in a similar way.

Speculating about the footage of the monkey, a study by the Japan Monkey Centre claims the clip could even show evidence of unusual companionship between the two animals.

Monkey and a deer

“Unlike the case reported for the Antarctic fur seal and king penguins, the sexual behaviour of the male macaque towards the female deer did not seem to be one of sexual harassment or coercion.”

The primate ‘stayed close to the deer and chased away other male macaques’, which suggests that it’s more than just monkey business, and the pair are actually a compassionate couple.

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