Models Suffers Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction On Live TV

Wardrobe Malfunction
Vitto Saravia Wardrobe malfunction Image YouTube/Zi Vine

In the days before the internet, people might have gotten away with wardrobe malfunctions on TV.

In the age of social media though, everything is screengrabbed and put on Twitter faster than you can say “nip slip”.

The latest victim of live TV is model Vitto Saravia, who was suffered an unfortunate mishap on an Argentinian show recently.

The model was inadvertently exposed after chatting to her fellow guests on ‘Animales sueltos’, which translates as ‘Loose Animals’.


Vitta was showing off her lavish jewelry when she revealed a little too much to the camera.

She quickly recovered from the mishap, but not before her co-stars had noticed.

The model is no stranger to controversy, and posts raunchy pictures on her Instagram page.

Photographed by @sofiagarbarinoph in Buenos Aires 17' #team @juicymakeup & @juanmacativa #hairstyle #portait #power #womans

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?✨? – Transparencias @allo_martinez #serie3 by ? @flor_bracco

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She’s not the first star to suffer a malfunction live on air, either and she probably won’t be the last – similar fates have been suffered by stars of Spanish TV and even QVC over recent times. 

If she was wondering how to recover from the incident though, she can do better than following Chrissy Teigen’ example. The supermodel recently reacted in the best way possible after suffering a mishap at the Super Bowl recently. Vitto may want to take note.

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