Model Vanessa Barzan Flashes Her Perfect Bum On Brazilian Comedy Show

She's the butt of this joke

Vanessa is in on the joke Image Vanessa Barzan/ Instagram

Brazilian model Vanessa Barzan just flashed her bum on local comedy show Panic on TV or Panico na TV. The model who is based in Portugal is relatively unknown, but we’re sure with this ‘flash’ appearance her social media fame is about to skyrocket.

Traditionally the program features beautiful women scantily clad mingling with the hosts and joining in on skits.

Panico na TV is keeping this trend alive with Vanessa who has worked on the show for years as the character, “Arroyo Woman.” She often partakes in pranks and outlandish skits on the controversial show which has been banned in the past for crossing the line one too many times.

Despite these setbacks, the program is alive and well. The clip in question shows two clown-looking hosts standing outside a building; they chase after Vanessa as she walks by dressed in a short white dress, which they yank up revealing her backside.

The former cheerleader then takes the lead and proudly lifts her dress two more times showing off the goods. We’d say Vanessa has a great sense of humour and is proud of her nearly perfect physique.

Vanessa Barzan/ Twitter

The model is known for taking it too far, having caused trouble in the past when she burped in an elderly actress’ face for entertainment. The public claimed it was a disrespect to the well-known thespian.

Can’t wait to see what this saucy jokester comes up with next. No burping, though.

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