This Instagram Account Features A Gorgeous Model Jumping Off Cliffs For Fun

This adrenaline junkie has us short of breath

Cliffhanger Image Christian Michel Clair Marie

It’s not every day that Instagram gives followers the chance to see a gorgeous model cliff jumping for the pure hell of it but then there aren’t many folk on social media quite like basegirl.

Boasting some 49.5k followers, the Instagram account is the work of California-born Clair Marie, who describes herself as a pro base jumper, MTB racer, stunt woman, climber, model plus travel and adventure blogger.

She also owns a fashion line called reverence design which features sustainable and ethical fashion.

Her blog, also called, details her life all over the place, plus she includes great videos and pictures of her death-defying activities. She was even arrested in Zion National Park, Utah. An event she recounted in a post and vlog titled, “How To Get Arrested In a National Park.”

This stunning chick, likes living on the edge. Her Instagram features tons of pictures of her dangling from cliffs and jumping off them in giant leaps. Clair is also an alternative model and shares gorgeous shots of herself in bikinis and her T-shirt designs, showing off tons of tattoos. Her left arm is covered in an intricate sleeve.

Wanderlust seems to have taken hold of this adventurer as well, she has jumped off buildings in Malaysia, sunned on beaches in Thailand and trekked through the mountains of Greece. She even found time to give a TEDx talk in Melbourne.

Her life seems like a feast for the eyes and we’re glad she’s sharing it with the world.

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